Thursday, January 24, 2008

Web Technologies

Web Technologies are a sign of our time. Development rate for Web Technologies are one of the greatest in history of technological development. But we consider that this is a surface trend who prouve a deeper one: increasing of quality in colective consciousness. Web Technologies and Internet is the material aspect of development in today world of more deep Web Technologies, a Web Technology for conscoiusness. A field of consciousness create a web between us and this web conect us with our group and with the whole society and cosmos. We can call this network Transnet becouse this transcends al networks. Transnet is created by every of us who experince higher states of consciousness, is created by our religious and spiritual experience and is the basis of all Web Technologies. Web Technologies are side effect of that technology of consciousness. A web of consciousness conect us in a huge network and this network is the perfect model of any Web Technologies and an catalist of web and any comunication technologies. The perfect model of web is most deeper level of our consciousness where all is conected. Web Technologies just enliven that infinite corelation, that fielt where everithing is conected. At this level of consciousness we can understand that everithing is just a version of the same thing, one thing. Web Technologies repeat what our minds make when make correlations, analogies, metaphores. As in Stanislaw Lem SF Solaris Earth is now due to Web Technologies like a huge brain who make conections, correlations. who think, react, and create new realities. With Web Technologies many project start in virtual world and become real.
Our project to create from Web Technologies a huge mecanism for feedback to comunities, and planet as whole will be described as the greatest Internet project ever. In that way Web Technologies will have a ontological justification. Our project intend to make from Web Technologies a bio-socio-eco-feedback processor for planet Earth. This feedback processor will assist us to manage sistems like groups, comunities, ecosystems and planet as a whole. Web Technologies will be no more an eterogenous, unstructurated collection of Technologies. They will be a oriented to one purpose and this purpose will be man's evolutionary process. Every one of this huge collection of Web Technologies will be oriented vector by vector, and will be composed force by force to the Proces of Evolution.
Web Technologies will help every individual to know in real time not only dynamic of his own evolution but the dinamic of evolution of systems to whom he belongs. A prolegomena to this trend are Web Technologies like Weather Cast, and all kind of financial tickers who offer a real time info on dinamic of market and finacial indicators. But Web Technologies will offer soon all kind of biological, psychological, social, and ecological indicators which are important to individual who is part of of that systems.

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